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MSI Member Profiles

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Physics Members

Benjamin Aleman

Benjamín Alemán – Assistant Professor of Physics

Research Interests: Physics and synthesis of low-dimensional systems; nanoelectromechanical systems; solid-state defect centers and qubits; quantum and nanoscale-based sensing and microscopy; photonics; microfluidics.

Dietrich Belitz – Professor of Physics

Research Interests: Quantum many-body problems, including superconductivity, magnetism, transport processes, and quantum phase transitions, in particular metal-insulator transitions and magnetic transitions.

Eric Corwin

Eric Corwin – Assistant Professor of Physics

Research Interests: Atomic force microscopy of single molecule proteins, structure and dynamics of jammed athermal packings

Miriam Deutsch – Professor of Physics

Research Interests: Developing new fabrication techniques for metallo-dielectrics with multi-scale spatial features. Theoretical modeling and numerical simulations of the materials we fabricate, as well as other novel functional metal structures.

Stephen Gregory – Associate Professor of Physics

Research Interests: Tunneling and near-field optical microscopy, molecular electronics.

Roger Haydock – Professor of Physics

Research Interests: Electronic structure and processes at surfaces, computational physics, quantum chaos.

Stephen D. Kevan –Professor of Physics

Research Interests: Surface and thin film physics; electronic structure and collective excitations at surfaces; nanoscale spatial and temporal fluctuations in magnetic and otherp complex materials.

Dean Livelybrooks Dean Livelybrooks – Senior Tentured Instructor of Physics

Research Interests:
Science education/outreach, magnetotellurics, dynamic margin model constraints.
Ben McMorran

Ben McMorran – Assistant Professor of Physics
Research Interests: Free electron physics and interferometry, matter wave optics, electron microscopy, magnetic materials.

Raghu Parthasarathy

Raghuveer Parthasarathy – Professor of Physics

Research Interests: Material properties of biological membranes, mechanisms of protein organization, advanced microscopy techniques.

Richard P. Taylor – Professor of Physics
Director, Materials Science Institute

Research Interests: Quantum chaos and fractals in electronic nano-devices, with applications in solar devices and retinal implants. Visual science of fractals.


Tristan Ursell – Assistant Professor of Physics

Research Interests: We use tools from microscopy, mechanics, computational modeling, and statistical physics to understand how cells move and invade, how cells die, and how cells engage in collective behavior that benefits the group over the individual, in a variety of natural and medically relevant settings.

Chemistry Members [return to top]

Shannon W. Boettcher

Shannon W. Boettcher – Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: The capture and storage of solar energy in a collaborative interdisciplinary environment, utilizing inorganic synthesis, nano and microscience, surface chemistry, simulation, physical measurement, and device fabrication to design, build and study new materials and structures.


Richard Chartoff – Research Professor

Research Interests: The UO Polymer Characterization and Thermal Analysis Laboratory is concerned with the synthesis, characterization, and processing of polymers and polymer composites at both basic and applied levels. 

Ken Doxsee

Kenneth M. Doxsee – Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: Inorganic chemistry - designed synthesis of metastable phases, phase- and shape-selective crystallization of solid-state materials. Development of environmentally benign methods for the synthesis of solid-state materials

Marina Guenza

Marina G. Guenza Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests:
Development of novel, molecular-scale, statistical-mechanical theories of the structure and dynamics of complex materials

Michael M. Haley – Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: Synthesis of non-natural carbon networks and substructures; optical and nonlinear optical materials.

Jim Hutchision

James E. Hutchison – Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: Nanoelectronics, chemically-modified surfaces, green materials chemistry.

Jasti Ramesh Jasti – Associate Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: The bottom-up organic synthesis, characterization, and application of new nanocarbon architectures.
Darren Johnson

Darren W. Johnson – Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: Inorganic, Organic, Supramolecular and Materials Chemistry.

David C. Johnson – Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: Novel approaches to solid state synthesis of new materials.

Mark C. Lonergan – Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: Study of polymer blends, composites and copolymers in which at least one component is optically or electrically active, such as a conducting polymer or inorganic superconductor.

George Nazin

George Nazin – Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: The connection between the chemical structure and properties of nanoscale materials and devices. In particular, real-space experimental approaches that provide spectroscopic informaiton on the atomic and molecular scales.

Catherine J. Page – Associate Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: Novel synthetic routes to functional materials, including self-assembly of multilayer thin films and sol-gel synthesis of complex oxides.

Pluth Mike Pluth – Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: Molecular recognition at the interface of organic/inorganic chemistry and chemical biology.
Prell James Prell – Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: The Prell Group uses state-of-the-art mass spectrometry and ion mobility experiments to learn how soft materials, such as biological membranes, are structured at the nanometer size scale and below.

Geraldine L. Richmond – Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: Optical studies of interfacial structure and dynamics.

David Tyler – Professor of Chemistry

Research Interests: Inorganic materials, polymer chemistry, photochemistry.

Associates [return to top]

Bruce Branchaud, Professor of Chemistry
Research Interests: Chemical activity and structure in nucleic acids and proteins, with an emphasis on metal interactions

Victoria J. DeRose, Professor of Chemistry
Research Interests: Chemical activity and structure in nucleic acids and proteins, with an emphasis on metal interactions.

Russell J. Donnelly, Professor Emeritus of Physics
Research Interests: Physics of fluids, low temperature physics.

Michael E. Kellman, Professor of Chemistry
Research Interests:Theoretical dynamics of highly excited molecules.

Andrew H. Marcus, Professor of Chemistry
Research Interests: Polymer and colloid materials and their relationship to bulk thermodynamic and mechanical properties.

Michael G. Raymer, Professor of Physics
Research Interests: Quantum Information Processing; Quantum Optics; Quantum Control;Semiconductor Optical Physics; Nonlinear Optics.

John Toner– Professor of Physics
Research Interests: Condensed matter theory ranging from studies of transport in disordered superconductors to models for the motion of flocks of birds.

Hailin Wang – Professor of Physics
Research Interests: Optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures.