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National NSF GK-12
Program Page


The GK-12 Program will end after this academic year (2013-2014). This year we are providing support to the Lane County Content in Context Program. (www.stem.lane.edu)

The GK-12 Program at the University of Oregon partnered with
Oregon School Districts and Education Service Districts to improve
Science and Math Education in Oregon schools.

The University of Oregon’s GK-12 Science Outreach Program, provides fellowship support for graduate students from the Chemistry and Physics departments. These GK-12 Fellows serve as resources for teaching hands-on physical science and mathematics in partnering Oregon elementary and middle schools.

Gk-12 Fellows spend two weeks per term as "scientists-in-residence." During this period they work daily in their assigned schools, assisting classroom teachers with a variety of in-school activities centered around increasing the level of inquiry-based science teaching and learning in rural Oregon schools.

Download UO GK-12 program flyer


  1. Science is an enterprise that can be harnessed to improve quality of life on a global scale.
  2. Science may provide a foundation for the development of language, logic, and problemsolving skills in the classroom.
  3. A democracy demands that its citizens make personal, community-based, and national decisions tht involve scientific information.
  4. For some students, science will become a lifelong vocation or avocation.
From: Ready, Set, Science!: Research to Work in K-8 Science Classrooms. ©National Academy of Sciences.

GK12 Program Objectives:

  • Increase student knowledge and appreciation of math and physical science.
  • Provide fellows experience in delivering science and math education.
  • Increase student achievement.
  • Enhance teachers' knowledge of physical science and mathematics content.
  • Provide assistance with Oregon’s requirement for "scientific inquiry work samples."
  • Enhance science teaching using science kit-based instruction.
  • Improve fellows' communication skills, enhance content knowledge and develop teaching skills.
  • Prepare fellows for careers that encourage or require community outreach.
  • Increase adoption of kit-based science curricula.

Potential In-school Activities for Fellows:

  • Provide K-5 teacher workshops on content underpinnings.
  • Serve as content resource specialists and assist with their instruction.
  • Serve as a science specialist and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) coordinator for assigned school.
  • Provide demonstrations and other content resources to teachers and students.
  • Help teachers with "scientific-inquiry" based work samples developed from kit materials.
  • Be a scientist in the classroom and, thus, model how a scientist looks at the world.
  • Develop activities (puzzles, challenges, etc.) that integrate both math and science skills.
  • Mentor students in science fair project development.

Christine Butler (cabutler@uoregon.edu)
GK12 Program Director


The UO GK-12 project would like to recognize the following sponsors:

This project is supported by the National Science Foundation under grant #: DGE-0742540. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this materials are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.