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IGERT - Overview

The IGERT program offers a nationally-unique, comprehensive package of new and tested approaches to graduate education in materials chemistry and physics. It is designed to prepare the next generation of graduate students for the challenges of an increasingly interdisciplinary and rapidly evolving research and development arena.
Our student-focused program is designed to address three goals:

  • help each student acquire diverse, adaptable and portable technical skills and the knowledge base to succeed in rapidly evolving career markets
  • help each student develop the critical thinking skills necessary to solve complex problems and understand new phenomena, and
  • provide each student with comprehensive career training - development of professional skills, exposure to many career opportunities and training tailored to specific career paths.
Students accepted into the IGERT program receive generous fellowships and tuition waivers for multiple years, and substantial travel and research funds to foster creative, independent projects.
IGERT fellows will participate in multidisciplinary course work incorporating substantial hands-on experience with state-of-the-art techniques, as well as receiving training in scientific communications, ethics and other necessary tools of the trade.
Students will have the opportunity to for internships in industry, government, education and non-government organizations. We wish to encourage students to apply their knowledge in internships in the electronics and optics industry where engineering and physical sciences have become increasingly interdependent . This initiative has received wide-ranging support within the University and among our industrial affiliates because it provides a multidisciplinary research experience, stimulates industrial/academic relations and prepares students to be successful participants in diverse and changing job markets.