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    About CAMCOR    

CAMCOR is a full-service, comprehensive materials characterization center available to research institutions and private industry. The CAMCOR facilities provide enabling infrastructure for research in chemistry, nanoscience, materials science, bioscience, and optics. CAMCOR houses capital-intensive equipment for microanalysis, surface analysis, electron microscopy, semiconductor device fabrication, as well as traditional chemical characterization. The staff members who run the facilities are expertly trained and highly experienced in sample preparation, data collection and data analysis. In addition, they periodically offer workshops to provide hands-on-training for users of the facility.

    Mission Statement    
  • To provide state-of-the-art materials characterization facilities to researchers at regional academic institutions and companies

  • To foster collaborative interactions between faculty and researchers at academic institutions and industries throughout the northwest

  • To provide short courses and workshops on characterization techniques and provide hands-on training facilities for the participants