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The TTSEM Program at the University of Oregon
is working with selected Oregon middle and
high school teachers to bring the
submicroscopic world into the classroom!

Program Overview
The University of Oregon's TTSEM Science Outreach Program, in partnership with FEI Company, ONAMI, and the US Department of Energy, provides a portable table-top scanning electron microscope for teaching hands-on science in middle and high schools in Lane and Douglas Counties.

TTSEM Program Objectives:

  • Increase knowledge and appreciation of science and mathematics via exposure to and expermentation with the submicroscopic world.
  • Develop curriculum in middle school science, high school biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and physical sciences for use with the TTSEM and associated simulation software.
  • Provide resources to meet Oregon's requirement for "scientific inquiry work samples."

TTSEM Program Deliverables:

  • Nine participating high school and middle school teachers will develop sample TTSEM curricula.  These would be uploaded to the web site for dissemination.
  • Curricular pieces will be developed for undergraduate and graduate-level physics and chemistry classes and desseminated via this web site.

Program Details:

  • Teachers meet to discuss and brainstorm curriculum at UO workshop.
  • Teachers are instructed on SEM principles and trained to use device.
  • A table-top SEM capable of 20,000 times magnification is brought into partner school classrooms.
  • SEM is used live in the classroom to provide interactive and exciting labs and demos.
  • TTSEM device will seed the secondary school advanced science equipment pool (SSASEP), a shareable pool of 'high tech' equipment such as TTSEMs, high-speed cameras, and associated curricular support materials. This pool will be accessible by all Lane ESD high school science teachers to supplement instruction and support project-oriented teaching.  The experience of using this equipment pool will be documented and uploaded onto the project web site.

2006-07 Partner Schools

  • Cottage Grove High School, Cottage Grove, OR
  • Crow Middle School/High School, Crow, OR
  • Monroe Middle School, Eugene, OR
  • North Douglas High School, Drain, OR
  • Springfield High School, Springfield, OR
  • South Eugene High School, Eugene, OR


The UO TTSEM program would like to recognize the following sponsors: