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Summer 2009 Participants and Projects
ucore09-Troy ucore09-Sage
Click on a research topic to download a pdf of the poster.
UCORE Fellow Research Topic Department /
Research Advisor
Troy Bowman,
PCC Rock Creek and
Paul Fernandez,
Lane CC / UO
Astrophysical modeling of circumstellar disks [pdf] Physics
Prof. James Imamura
Miranda Bradley,
Black lipid membrane microrheology [pdf] Physics
Prof. Raghu Parthasarathy
Sam Daniels,
Lane CC / UO
Photovoltaic outreach lab kits [pdf] Physics
Prof. Frank Vignola
Dorothy Degman,
PCC Sylvania
Thermoelectric materials research and sputter deposition [pdf] Chemistry
Prof. David C. Johnson
Eli Dickison,
Lane CC and
Corey Richter,
PCC Sylvania
Atoms and the void [pdf] Physics
Prof. Dan Steck
Joe Dillon,
Lane CC
Environmental impact of the Mt. Mazama eruption in Idaho's Bitterroot Range [pdf] Geography / Paleoecology
Prof. Dan Gavin
Matthew Gibson,
PCC Rock Creek / PSU
Arsenic contamination in the Willamette Basin [pdf] Geology
Prof. Qusheng Jin
Jenny (Jejoung) Han,
PCC Sylvania
Stability properties of strong, slow magnetic shock waves [pdf] Physics
Prof. James Imamura
Chelsea Hartmann,
The Anatomy of the 9°03'N overlapping spreading center [pdf] Geology
Prof. Paul Wallace
Isaac Hastings Hauss,
Mount Hood CC
Investigating the use of a cumulant approximation in polarization modulated Fourier imaging correlation spectroscopy [pdf] Chemistry
Prof. Jeff Cina
Emma Hughes,
PCC Rock Creek
Fourier imaging correlation spectroscopy of glass-forming polymers and unilamellar liposomes [pdf] Chemistry
Prof. Andrew Marcus
Trevor Jones,
MgTPP structure in liposomes using 2D electronic coherence spectroscopy [pdf] Chemistry
Prof. Andrew Marcus
Jennie Keller,
Umpqua CC
1,2-Dihydro-1,2-Azaborines [pdf] Chemistry
Prof. Shih-Yuan Liu
Sage Kittelman,
Umpqua CC
Paleoenvironmental change in the forests of the Pacific Northwest [pdf] Geography / Paleoecology
Prof. Dan Gavin
Elizabeth Kodpuak,
PCC Sylvania
Working toward dye-enhanced optical asymmetries in disordered plasmonic nanostructures [pdf] Physics
Prof. Miriam Deutsch
Allan Mackey,
Umpqua CC
Synthesis and analysis of thermoelectric materials [pdf] Chemistry
Prof. David C. Johnson
Naomi Meacham,
Umpqua CC
Fault mechanics during spine extrusion at Mount St. Helens [pdf] Geology
Prof. Alan Rempel
Tina Nguyen,
Mount Hood CC
Study of sorbents for the selective binding of toxic contaminants [pdf] Chemistry
Prof. Darren Johnson
Folashade Oluloro,
Mount Hood CC
Effects of platinum based drugs on yeast cell growth and processes involved [pdf] Chemistry
Prof. Victoria DeRose
Codi Quimby,
Mount Hood CC
The Cascadia Subduction Zone [pdf] Geology
Profs. Ray Weldon and
Dean Livelybrooks
Luke Sitts,
PCC Sylvania
Isotopic study of supervolcanic eruptions [pdf] Geology
Prof. Ilya Bindeman
Laura Thompson,
PCC Rock Creek
Studies of Group 13 metal hydroxide clusters [pdf] Chemistry
Prof. Darren Johnson
Tina Wilson,
Umpqua CC
Gas behavior through crystal-rich magma [pdf] Geology
Profs. Alan Rempel and
Katharine Cashman