Associate Members

Victoria J. DeRose, Professor of Chemistry
Research Interests: Chemical activity and structure in nucleic acids and proteins, with an emphasis on metal interactions.

-Michael E. Kellman, Professor of Chemistry
Research Interests:Theoretical dynamics of highly excited molecules.

Steve Kevan, Professor of Physics
Research Interests: Surface and thin film physics; electronic structure and collective excitations at surfaces; nanoscale spatial and temporal fluctuations in magnetic and otherp complex materials.

Andrew H. Marcus, Professor of Chemistry
Research Interests: Electronic structure and processes at surfaces, computational physics, quantum chaos.

Marian Hettiaratchi, Professor of Chemistry
Research Interests: Using new techniques in protein engineering and computational modeling to design more effective biomaterials for protein delivery

Michael G. Raymer, Professor of Physics
Research Interests: Quantum Information Processing; Quantum Optics; Quantum Control;Semiconductor Optical Physics; Nonlinear Optics.

Geraldine L. Richmond,  Professor of Chemistry
Research Interests: Optical studies of interfacial structure and dynamics.

John Toner, Professor of Physics
Research Interests: Condensed matter theory ranging from studies of transport in disordered superconductors to models for the motion of flocks of birds.

David Tyler, Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Research Interests: Inorganic materials, polymer chemistry, photochemistry.

Danielle Benoit, Lorry Lokey Chair of the Department of Bioengineering
Phil and Penny Knight Campus
Research Interests: Therapeutic Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Drug Delivery, Bone Regeneration, Microphysiological Systems, Anti Biofilm Treatments