Medical and health: toxicity, nanosafety, human implants

Darren Johnson Lab: The DWJ lab collaborates with the Pluth and Haley labs in the development of new fluorescence molecular probes for anions and small molecules for applications in cellular and in vivo imaging. We also collaborate with Richard Taylor in designing new fractal materials for application in retinal implants.

Parthasarathy Lab: The Parthasarathy Lab examines the structure and dynamics of microbial communities in the gut, which interact with each other and with their host to affect development and physiological function.

Pluth Lab: The Pluth lab is developing new hydrogen sulfide donors for biological and pharmacological applications.

Prell Lab:  The Prell lab studies the way in which pathogens “hijack” lipid phase separation in biological membranes with a view toward potential therapeutic applications.

Taylor Lab: Retinal and Brain Implants; Pattern analysis of brain aneurysms

Tyler Lab: The Tyler group is investigating new methods for removing sulfur contaminants from petroleum using reactions done under high sheer conditions.

Ursell Lab: In the Ursell lab we explore how complex geometric environments impact material transport and invasion dynamics of pathogenic bacteria that act as individuals and those that exhibit collective behavior.   In medical settings this could be in the context of tissue invasion, nutrient acquisition from the host, and may include the physical-immune response of the host.