Outreach and STEM Education

STEM1The MSI has a substantial history of leadership in programs that build ‘flow’ in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) ‘pipeline,’ leading to baccalaureate and advanced degrees in the sciences. Beyond improving Oregon and national STEM pipelines, there are other overarching goals to these activities:

  • These programs comprise strong, enduring collaborations with Oregon K-12 schools, education service districts, and community colleges, statewide. For example, with MSI assistance, regional STEM Hubs are developing in Lane County and northeastern Oregon which provide shared classroom curricula, technical equipment and scientific expertise.
  • A University of Oregon Center for STEM Careers through Outreach, Research and Education (STEM CORE), which shares members and collaborates with the MSI, will provide resources for teachers, instructors, industry partners with outreach missions, and research opportunities for undergraduates. Expertise in K 12 and community college outreach and liaison development, formal program evaluation, is coalescing under STEM CORE and includes energetic collaborations with the MSI.

About-Page-6Other middle and high school programs include: the statefunded Content in Context Math-Science Partnership (“C2 MSP) involving 5 local school districts, Lane Education Service District, local STEM industry, and MSI faculty; the SPICE (Science Program to Inspire Creativity and Excellence) camp for middle school girls; the seventeen-year-old EWEB Solar Challenge middle school curriculum and annual race for student-designed and constmcted solar electric vehicles: and the SAIL (Summer Academy to Inspire Learning) academy for middle and high school students with low-SES backgrounds.