Enhanced technology: Computing, communications, sensors (quantum and classical)

Corwin Lab: The Corwin lab is actively engaged in developing efficient algorithms for high dimensional sphere packing using general purpose GPUs (specifically, the ACISS supercomputer). High dimensional sphere packing has direct applications to data compression and error correcting communication codes.

Guenza Lab: Multiscale modeling of polymeric materials from the atomistic to the macroscopic scales. Computational flow optimization.

Hendon: The Hendon Materials Simulation group uses high performance computers to solve quantum chemical problems, including prediction of new electrically conductive porous materials for sensing applications.

McMorran Lab: The McMorran lab sculpts and manipulates electron beams in electron microscopes for the use of providing new ways to see matter and magnetic phenomena at the nanoscale.

Parthasarathy Lab: The Parthasarathy Lab develops imaging methods and computational image analysis techniques to extract quantitative information from complex image data.

Taylor Lab: Quantum electronics