An interdisciplinary institute of the University of Oregon

Founded in 1985 as a State Center of Excellence, the purpose of the Institute is to study the structure and properties of materials, to educate in the sciences of materials, and to serve Oregon as a resource in these sciences. Since 1985 the Institute has more than tripled the size of its research program, developed four new graduate programs in materials, and contributed to the State's prosperity through collaboration with more than 25 Oregon companies.

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Highlighted Publications

  • Boettcher in Chemistry of Materials
    Boettcher in Chemistry of Materials
    Water oxidation catalysis is central to many energy storage technologies. The “Up-and-Coming” Perspective by Boettcher and coworkers discusses new advances in understanding oxygen...
  • Darren Johnson "Dalton Transcripts" cover article
    Darren Johnson “Dalton Transcripts” cover article
    This Perspective article highlights some of the traditional and non-traditional analytical tools that are presently used to characterize aqueous inorganic nanoscale clusters and...