MSI Researchers win award for Materials Prototyping Facility

Congratulations to MSI researchers for their successful award from the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust. The award for $476,000 will support the “Oregon Rapid Materials Prototyping (RaMP) Facility”. RaMP will house flexible state-of-the-art tools for depositing inorganic films and nanostructures via atomic layer deposition and sputtering as well as micro-patterning those films into devices and test architectures. The facility will allow researchers to quickly deposit, characterize, and pattern thin-film inorganic materials to fabricate prototypes and test devices with applications in energy, optical communications/computation, and human health.

The ability to deposit function inorganic thin films and process them into (three-dimensional) functional device architectures will further high-impact basic science in nanophotonic and quantum opto-mechanical
devices, solar photovoltaic and photoelectro-­chemical devices, electron optics, and sensing.
RaMP will also be used by industry and local start-­ups, outside academic users, and for education,
accelerating a master’s internship track in semiconductors devices and thin film materials that connects to the Northwest’s electronics industry. MSI principal investigators on this proposal include professors Shannon Boettcher, Miriam Deutch, Mark Lonergan, Hailin Wang, and Benjamín Alemán, and Institute of Neuroscience professor Shawn Lockery.